Company Profile

Coco Adhesive headquartered in China, is a manufacturer specializing in top-tier cellphone adhesives. With a 3,500-square-meter factory and 39 skilled employees, we produce over 3 million units monthly. Our products, including the favored B7000 glue, E8000 glue, and shoe glue are trusted by repair shops, manufacturers, and distributors worldwide, including discerning clients like Todd from the United States.

Committed to quality and innovation, we export to countries such as the U.S., South Korea, India, and more. Our competitive pricing, coupled with consistent product quality, positions us as a leading supplier. We prioritize client satisfaction, ensuring timely delivery, and personalized service. Partner with Coco Adhesive and experience excellence in adhesive solutions.

Mission vision

Our Mission:

Our mission is to become a trusted partner in the adhesive industry, always providing customers with perfect solutions. We firmly believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every product reflects our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, paving the way for us to lead globally.

Our Vision:

• Continuously improve our products and services according to customer requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction,

• To ensure that our costs and efficiency continue to increase, in order to enhance our competitiveness,

• Continuously improving occupational health, safety, and environmental protection,

• Support and develop flexible teamwork, able to respond to changing economic conditions and needs,

• Becoming one of the world’s leading companies in adhesive production

Quality policy

• Actively listen to customer needs, always placing customer satisfaction at the forefront.

• Strictly implement the quality management system, ensuring every production step meets the highest standards.

• Establish close collaborations with suppliers and partners to ensure the consistent quality of raw materials and products.

• Commit to continuous quality improvement with the goal of zero defects and zero complaints.

•  Always remember that serving customers is the only reason we strive for.

We Believe That We Can Do It

Coco Adhesive’s commitment to quality is reflected in our strict adherence to ISO 9001 standards, with a 99.8% quality compliance rate. Utilizing cutting-edge machinery and a dedicated team of 38 experts, we conduct thorough inspections at each of the five stages of production, rejecting any product that falls below our rigorous 0.02% defect tolerance. Our sophisticated inventory system allows us to maintain a lead time of just 14 days, fulfilling 97% of orders on or ahead of schedule.

Clients like Todd rely on our B7000 glue and other adhesives, knowing that every batch is consistent, and delivery is punctual. Partner with Coco Adhesive, where precision in quality control and commitment to timely delivery translates to superior products and satisfied customers.

The department behind our success


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Order processing

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Raw Material

At Coco Adhesive, we believe in excellence from the ground up. That’s why we choose only the best imported high-quality raw materials for our adhesive production. Our commitment to sourcing superior ingredients guarantees unmatched product quality, ensuring our B7000 glue and other cellphone adhesives stand out in performance and reliability. For repair shops, manufacturers, and distributors seeking consistent quality, like our satisfied clients Kim, Coco Adhesive is synonymous with trust.

Our Team

At Coco Adhesive, our greatest asset is our team of 38 young and passionate employees. Energetic, innovative, and driven, they embody the spirit of our brand, channeling creativity and expertise into every adhesive product we create. Their dedication to quality and relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our customers, like Todd, consistently receive the reliable and top-performing adhesives they seek.

Together, our team not only produces remarkable products but builds lasting relationships with our clients. Join hands with Coco Adhesive, where our passionate team transforms ideas into tangible success.

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