E 8000 glue

COCO E 8000 adhesive This is a powerful, universal adhesive suitable for almost any surface. Whether you’re bonding porous or non-porous materials, its unique formula ensures a durable connection. Applied directly or as a contact adhesive, it becomes water and abrasion-resistant once dried. Perfect for wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and more, it cures in 24 to 72 hours. While dilutable with perchloroethylene, it’s essential to note that once dried, it’s challenging to remove. Ensure proper ventilation and respiratory protection during use.

We can customize products according to your requirements.

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

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COCO E8000 adhesive effortlessly binds materials like metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo, wood, fabrics, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, nylon, sponge, film, textiles, electronics, plastics, rubber, fiber paper, and even typeGlassRhinestones, ensuring strong adhesion across a variety of surfaces.


E8000 is the ideal adhesive for crafting applications, from toy-making, and floral arrangements, to jewelry creation.


Whether you’re working with metal, ceramics, textiles, or plastics, the E 8000 adhesive ensures a firm and durable bond, making it an indispensable tool for various projects.


This innovative one-component adhesive offers a clear solution that cures at room temperature. Its user-friendly design means no mixing is required, and it can be used multiple times after opening.


E 8000 adhesive is not just about bonding; it provides high elasticity, ensuring a flexible yet strong bond. Its soft film properties offer resistance against vibrations, making it waterproof and durable for all your bonding needs.



  1. Ensure you read the product description thoroughly before use.
  2. Before widespread application, test on a small area first.
  3. Ensure surfaces to be glued are clean and dry.
  4. The best temperature for application is between 18-32 degrees Celsius.
  5. Apply the adhesive evenly over the desired area straight from the bottle.
  6. After waiting for 3-6 minutes, press the two surfaces together lightly.
  7. Let it set for several hours; the best bonding strength is achieved after 48 hours.
  8. After using, seal the bottle tightly to prevent air exposure and drying out.


Safety Precautions:

  • Can cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Always use in areas with good ventilation.
  • If it gets in the eyes, flush immediately with copious amounts of water.
  • Store out of reach of children and keep away from flames during use.
  • Has a shelf life of 2 years; check the product’s end date for safe usage.

Additional information


E 8000 glue

Solid content


After curing hardness


Surface drying time


Completely cure time


Temperature range

-35°c ~ +90°c






110ml, 15ml, 25ml, 50ml


transparent floating body


low drawing, low odor, no hard, no whitening, water resistant


Needle Design

It can be opened after use and will not block; Allow small drops of glue, fine, precise, controlled, and non chaotic applications; Sealing and isolating gas, liquid, and air flow.

Zero Toluene

Free from harmful toluene, it ensures safer use for both users and the environment.


Quick Drying Time

The surface drying time is 3-6 minutes, and the complete curing time is 24-48 hours, improving efficiency.

Different Application Scenarios


Coco offers various specifications of packaging:

COCO adhesive usually packed in cardboard boxes, with an inner box inside and a waterproof and moisture-proof woven bag on the outermost part.

110 ml adhesive packaging box with 10 colored inner boxes, each containing 12 adhesive tubes, totaling 120 tubes.

50ml adhesive packaging box with 12 colored inner boxes, each containing 30 adhesive tubes, totaling 360 tubes.

15ml adhesive packaging box, totaling 1000 pieces.

We can also customize the specifications of packing according to the needs of customers. We can also print the logo on your box or tube package as you require.


Multiple methods:

We can transport the product by ship, railway, and plane. We also have cooperation with express companies, such as DHL, FedEx, and TNT. At the same time, we have an overseas warehouse for direct shipping.

For sample orders, 1-3 days are needed; for general large orders (less than 50,000 tubes ), 7-15 days are needed. 

Our shipping time depends on the way you choose. If you send it to China, it will arrive the next day. For overseas shipment, it takes 35-40 days by sea and land, 12-15days by air, and 5-7 days by express.

Related questions about COCO adhesive OEM

The lead time for bulk orders is approximately 7-15 days.

Our minimum order quantity is 10,000 units.

We can produce 300,000 pieces per day, We can upscale production by 20% to handle large-scale or sudden demands.

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