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Can You Use E8000 Glue on Fabric?

Yes, E8000 works wonderfully on fabrics. This adhesive forms a strong bond on various fabric types and remains flexible after drying. It’s also machine-washable, making it a go-to choice for many fabric repairs and crafts.

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B7000 vs T7000 Glue

B7000 shines with plastics and metals, while T7000 excels with fabrics and ceramics.
While B7000 offers a quicker setting time, T7000 boasts of superior bonding strength after curing.

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What is the main application area of b7000 glue?

From electronics, jewelry, and rhinestones, to even leather and ceramics, the b7000 adhesive is your one-stop solution. Its unmatched versatility is a testament to its efficacy in bonding materials like wood, plastic, concrete, glass, metal, rubber, fiber, paper, PVC, and many more. Experience the unparalleled bonding strength of COCO, the industry-leading leather glue.

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